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SEGMENTS: Equity, Futures and Options

  • DD11 Strategy + Personal Setup Revealed
  • Members Arena Discord Community Server Access for 4 Months
  • Live Market Callouts Access (Intraday, Swings + Portfolio) for 4 Months
  • Live Training 3 times a week by Dhruv Tuli and Dhaval Mehta for 4 months (Time: 10 PM; Platform: Zoom Meetings)
  • IM Stocks Digital Academy Lifetime Access (New Content Added Monthly)
  • Weekly Market View Session by Dhruv Tuli and Dhaval Mehta



Section 1Utility Tools
Section 2Introduction
Lecture 2Important Terms
Lecture 3Market Depth & Analysis
Section 3Charting Setup
Lecture 4Trading View
Lecture 5Watchlists
Section 4Candlesticks
Section 5Support & Resistance
Lecture 7Introduction & Cases
Lecture 8DD & SS Zones
Section 6Trends
Lecture 9Introduction
Lecture 10Conversion to Channels
Section 7Price Action Patterns
Section 8Technical Indicators
Lecture 12Williams %R & RSI
Lecture 13Bollinger Bands
Lecture 14EMA Trailing
Section 9Trading Psychology
Lecture 15Money Management, Position Sizing
Lecture 16Trading Mindset
Section 10Order Placing
Lecture 17Types of Orders
Lecture 18Live Order Placing - Zerodha
Lecture 19Live Order Placing - Angel Broking
Section 11Miscellaneous
Lecture 20Fibonacci
Lecture 21Gap Theory
Lecture 22Fundamental Analysis
Lecture 23Global Market + Sectorial Analysis
Lecture 24Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
Lecture 25Asset Investing
Section 12Options
Lecture 26Option Basics
Lecture 27Option Chain Analysis
Lecture 28Strike Price Selection
Lecture 29Ratio Analysis for Options
Lecture 30Option Selling
Lecture 31Option Greeks
Section 13Futures
Lecture 32Basics
Lecture 33Trading Techniques

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    I am interested in this course, are there any pre-requisites required like knowledge of eco/accounts as I am not from this field and am a complete beginner.

    1. Hello Abhieraaj,
      There are no pre requisites for the course. We will take care of everything from the very ground up. You do not need to be from this field to start trading, there are engineers and people from arts background as well who are consistently making money from the markets!

  2. Simran lakhani

    Hello, I am quite interested in the course andwould like to know about the minimum capital required other than the course fee to get started

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