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Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1Getting Started
Lecture 2Basic Terms
Lecture 3Trading View
Lecture 4Candles
Section 2Price Action Concepts
Lecture 5Trends
Lecture 6Support and Resistance
Lecture 7Chart Patterns
Lecture 8Multi Time Frame
Section 3Price Action - 1
Lecture 9Basics + SL Buffer + Wicks
Lecture 10Entry Exit Candles
Lecture 11Market Structures + Retest
Lecture 12Double Top + Double Bottom
Section 4Price Action - 2
Lecture 13Trendine Breakouts
Lecture 14Long Wick Rejection
Lecture 15Naked Target Setting
Section 5Price Action - 3
Lecture 16Gap Theory
Lecture 17Swing Setup
Lecture 18S&R Zones Hack
Section 6Price Action - 4
Lecture 19Power Candle
Lecture 20SL Trailing and Hunting
Section 7Price Action - 5
Lecture 21Fibonacci
Lecture 22Volume
Section 8Miscellaneous
Lecture 23Global Markets
Lecture 24Indicators (RSI, Momentum, Divergence, EMA, Pivot)
Lecture 25Order Placing + Types of Orders
Lecture 26Fundamental Analysis

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